About Denk

Thank you for taking an interest in our work.

DENK Keramik was established by Franz Denk in 1964 as a family-run company in Coburg, Bavaria. We have remained based in Coburg and work only here. The company has been in the family for two generations now and is currently run by the son Fabian Denk.

We as a craft-based enterprise focus on people and the natural ceramic materials. Our items have been deliberately manufactured to display the traces of individual craftsmanship and the beauty of ceramic material. Every item manufactured contains the knowledge and passion of our staff. The best products are only possible if you have superbly trained and motivated employees. We only employ craftsmen that we ourselves have trained.

Our product philosophy can be summed up in three words: Quality, Usefulness, and Beauty.

We only want to offer our customers the best quality. We feel an obligation towards mankind and the sustainability of nature and as a result neither offer trendy and short-lived things nor products designed to wear out. Our customer can be certain that in buying from DENK, s/he is acquiring a value-retaining and unique product.

Every DENK product must also always have a particularly high utilitarian value for the customer. The wax burner can be taken as an example to illustrate this philosophy: The wax burner provides light like a fireplace and is not extinguished by strong wind – an ideal combination for mood-setting garden lighting. Candle remains serve as fuel – a cost-effective and resource-husbanding fuel. The permanent wick need not be replaced – there are no follow-on costs.

The authentic shape that complements the material will provide a lot of pleasures for the trained eye and the receptive spirit. Our products are designed to exude quality and beauty. DENK has received many national and international awards and certificates.

Protection by law:
Many of our products in their type and function can only be found at DENK. In order to ensure that it stays like this we have had our brands protected. The systematic protection of our rights also serves to protect our customer and jobs in Germany.

Nature conservation and sustainable manufacture:

We use only high-quality clay from the region. This avoids long transport routes. Our clays and glazes contain no substances or compounds hazardous to health. Our firing technique reflects the cutting edge of technology. We use expensive, but particularly clean and efficient propane gas as fuel. The heat given off by our firing kilns is used for pre-drying and heating. A part of our manufacturing space is of timber construction incorporating zero energy technology. We only used cardboard made from recycled paper in our packaging. We have joined a national, certified disposal system for our packaging material.
Our entire product range can be found on www.denk-keramik.de.

DENK AQUA – Another field of work:
Our more than 20 years experience of working with water has led to another field of work. We use specially developed ceramic moulded brick for water activation. Details can be found in our catalogue DENK Aqua or on www.denk-aqua.de.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We would be delighted if you decide to purchase one of our products.

Kind regards

Fabian Denk


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