Fill the air with an enjoyable aroma

We supply our own range of 100% pure and natural essential oils to go with our Waxburners. For your well-being and for a successful aromatherapeutic effect, we also value maximum quality for our oils.

Scents appeal to our senses in a very special way. They awaken memories, and relax or revitalise us. Drip a few drops of high-quality essential oil into the wax of your Waxburner and enjoy the effect.

Adding oil to the wax causes the aroma to develop especially softly and discreetly – a definite advantage compared with scent lamps or vaporisers. What’s more, you can also control the intensity of the aroma by adjusting the quantity of oil.

You can use the Waxburner as often as you like, and it is very easy to refill. When the Waxburner has burned out, top it up with leftover wax or pastilles, add some more oil and experience the scent again.

Refillable fragrant light

Experience sensual moments with your Waxburner and selected Denk fragrance compositions.

Effective protection against mosquitos

Not just practical for outdoor use – essential oils are an effective and natural deterrent against insects such as fruit flies, as well as mosquitos.