Radiant heat feels very pleasant. The Thermal Cover converts the flame energy of the Waxburner into radiant heat. Heat-resistant CeraFlam ceramic absorbs energy and radiates it via the surface as gentle radiant heat. CeraFlam stores approx. 3 x more heat than steel, so it stays warm even after the flame has been extinguished.

22 cm
Height19,50 cm
Weight2,80 kg

Scope of delivery
Indoor Waxburner CeraNatur®, Thermal Cover CeraFlam®, natural, stainless-steel frame, instructions

149,00 €185.00 Fr.*


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The wax fill supplied with our Indoor Waxburner has a calorific value of approx. 1.25 kWh, so the Waxburner’s flame generates as much heat as around 10 – 13 tealights (depending on the environmental conditions) per hour of operation. Leftover candles are a sustainable fuel source that saves electricity. Create cosy warmth in your favourite space with a Waxburner. Unpack, light and enjoy.

CeraFlam ®

CeraFlam is totally fireproof and can store around three times more heat than steel. This type of ceramic is very rare and working with it demands a high level of skill.

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