The idea - Candle recycling

Not only are candles beautiful, their wax is also a high quality raw material. But what happens to candles when they have burned down, leaving only stumps behind? Every household has left-over wax and candle stumps that are normally thrown away.
We have been working on developing a wax-powered garden lantern for years. As a fuel, wax has many advantages compared with alcohol or petroleum:

  • Its high ignition temperature makes it safe.
  • In its liquid state, wax is hot, but not so hot that you could burn yourself with it.
  • Wax naturally produces a warm, soft light.
  • Wax does not smell and is not harmful to the environment.
  • Wax is an inexpensive fuel, especially if left-over wax can be recycled.


Environmentally friendly, simple and economical

A wax-powered garden lantern, made from high quality ceramic, only makes sense if the customer can easily and cheaply refill it with fuel, i.e. wax. With the wax burner, the left-over wax that is produced can be reused.

Every wax burner can be used in this environmentally friendly, simple and economical way. It is the perfect piece of equipment for recycling left-over candles and wax.

The principle is simple

Old candles, stumps and wax remains are simply placed in the wax burner at the side. The wax is melted by the burner and becomes fuel again. That means old wicks don’t need to be thrown away. They sink to the base of the brazier where they can’t catch fire and they don’t need to be cleaned up either.


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